Photobook and Wedding Album Design Service

We all take hundreds and thousands of photos with our phones, tablets and cameras. All those photos are stored somewhere and sometimes, we never look at them again. Sometimes, we spend hours looking and thinking, where is that photo we took that day? Or in the worst case the phone brakes down and 5 years of pictures are gone in a second.

Those pictures are all we have left, If we lose them, we will lose our memories.

At designed Memories want to tell your story, to treasure your memories for you to share with friends and family, and for future generation.

Don’t wait before it’s too late. Order your photobook now


What do you do with all the hundreds and thousands of photos on your phones, tablets or cameras? How many times you spend hours looking and thinking, where is that photo we took that day? 

We will help you organize your photos in a bespoke photobook that you will enjoy looking at every day and will be within arm’s reach. Read more…

Wedding Album

Your wedding day, your special day. You spend so much money on hair, makeup, dress, venue and top photographer to document it all. Would you risk losing the tiny memory stick you’ve got? And what if it won’t work next time you want to remember how beautiful your day was. A wedding album is forever, you can’t lose it an the best thing it’s easy to just pick it out of the shelf and enjoy it. We will create a bespoke wedding album that whenever you look at your wedding album, you will feel as if you are back to that moment. Go to our wedding page…

Video Slide Show 

If you insist on the digital version than Video Slide Show is the thing for you. You photos and videos will be edited with text, effect and sound to a one video file that can be uploaded to all devices. Video Slide Show can also be a part of your entertainment for your guest to enjoy. In a few minutes of video you will have memories of a life time. Read more…

Photo Guest Book 

A guest book with a twist. Photograph of you will be spread across the book, when your guest sign it, they can relate or comment to those memories.

Personalised Calendar  

Have your memories on a personalised calendar on the kitchen wall or in your office. Personalised calendar are the perfect gift for the New Year or academic year. Read more…

Thank you for sorting everything out, I would never find the time to do it. I am already showing it off to everyone!


Thank you for our lovely photobook, Can’t wait for the next year one


Our guests loved our wedding slide show, they laugh they cry, they felt part of our lives.

Kate and Max