Designed memories is a photobook and wedding albums design service.

My passion for books followed on from my education as a graphic designer. I began my first job with a book publishing company, designing fiction, autobiographies and children’s books. The latter were my favourite because they had more pictures and illustrations in them. I also teamed up with photographers and designed wedding albums.

After having my own children, and living far away from my parents and family I realised how important it was to take pictures and share them with my family. I started documenting my children’s life, as they were growing up, their first smile, first step, first day of school. Every so often I would send my family a photobook or a video slide show, it was the only way their grandparents could be part of their lives. Yes, I would share random photos every day but the photobooks were different, they are special, they are our memories, our story.

Every time I look back at those books I get this warm feeling in my heart and a big smile. Those books are forever and they are in arms reach. I don’t need to look for photos in the cloud or storage, they are right there on the shelf. And I know they are safe. I am not dependent on a piece of technology that someday may fail. How many times did a friend tell you about a phone that had broken and how all the photos in it were lost?

When I started my own graphic design business I wanted to work with people and to tell their stories through their photos. We all take thousands of photos with our phones, tablets and cameras. All those photos are stored somewhere but we never look at them again and sometimes, we spend hours looking and thinking, where is that photo we took that day?

You are probably thinking: “Photobook? It’s easy! I don’t need any help. I can do it myself!” and you are probably right. There are many apps and websites that offer you a DIY photobook or an instant automatic photobook. But do you have the time to sit down, and actually do it?

My design service is not just about printing photos in a book. With my graphic design skills and experience, not only I will do all the work for you, but I will work together with you to create a bespoke photobook, exactly as you want it to be. I will tell your story in a photobook that you will enjoy looking at every day. I appreciate that every story is different and that is why every book is made from scratch especially for you, no readymade layouts or designs, your photobook will tell your story.

A photobook is perfect as a personalized gift for special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and much more. It’s the gift everyone will talk about years later.

Products available include photobooks, calendars, video slide shows and wedding albums.