In this blog, Stephanie Jane tells us how to display our memories and photos in our homes the Feng Shui way.

I am Stephanie Jane, a certified Feng Shui consultant. I am wanting to help more females achieve balance and harmony to inspire the occupants to live their best and most productive life. I have applied Flying Star Feng Shui to my own home and life for over 5 years and have seen brilliant positive changes.

Stephanie Jane

Family memories and the home

We all love our homes. We all have smartphones where we are all taken photos, but we don’t always use them in our homes. A home is a great place to showcase your photos of your family’s memories, shared moments, or special memories.

Creating and capturing these memories is it fantastic thing to do. However, we don’t always showcase these photos around our home.

As a Feng Shui and declutter specialist the artwork, photos, and memories we have in our home can affect our energy as well as the occupants and those who visit.

Consider if you’d rather view happy, wonderful memories that generate conversation or have them stored on your phone for you to remember?

My top tips for displaying photos are:


Great places to add children’s photos and memories are up the staircase wall. Think as you head to bed, you’re sharing that special time and they look at photos of those special memories. It will trigger their thoughts which will leave them in a good mood. A benefit is to head to bed with good joyful memories. Try to limit the images of them as babies/ younger in their bedrooms.

children's photos on display in the staircase

Love and relationships:

Photos and items such as your wedding/relationship photos and wedding memorabilia are great to put in your bedroom. As well as the love and relationship area of your home (Southwest direction) will add to the vibration of love, and happiness. But make sure in your bedroom all of the photos and images are in couples, so there’s yourself and your partner.

photobook on display by the window

Family/ Friends and gatherings:

Dining rooms or places for eating together or social time such as living rooms are a great place to set group photos. Collections of happy family gatherings and extended family memories and friend groups will create a vibe of togetherness and conversation starters.

family photos on the wall in the living room

Make sure any images and photos you are displaying images that spark joy and happiness to you and the family members. Negative images can bring down your vibes and make you feel sadder and down.

Use your home too as a vision board of your dreams. If you want to create more family memories; share and showcase more of the images that represent that to you.


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