One of the most exciting things after you wedding is to see the wedding photographs. You looked beautiful, the venue was amazing you had so much fun, now you want to see it and relive it all again. Now it’s time to choose the best photos for your wedding album.

When to choose?

Don’t wait, do it while everything is still fresh. Set up a date and time, sit comfortably and enjoy going through the photographs while choosing which is in and which one is not.

How to choose?

For me, it’s easier to go with the elimination process, otherwise I would out them all in as they are all so beautiful. You go through one by one and eliminate the ones that are similar, the ones you don’t practically like or don’t say much to you. Every time you go through it, there will be few more to eliminate out. But, if you find it easier you can go through them and dicided which ones go in.

How many?

I ask for around a 100 images but might end up not using them all. Some pages may have one image on them and some will have a collage of about 10 images. If I feel certain image is missing, I will ask for it.

Which ones?

That’s the easy part – you to choose the images you like the most and want to remember. After all the wedding album is the thing you will look at again and again. And to be honest we tend to forget things and by looking at the album you will remember the best moments of your wedding. Some experts will say that you have to have an image of the dress, the shoes, the family, the first kiss, the rings. I say – only images you love the most goes in.


The wedding album tells the story of your wedding, therefore it’s nice to have a few images of each part of the wedding. On the first page I like to begin the album with a nice portrait of the couple and then go step by step into the day, from getting ready to the night party.

Wedding photographs and wedding albums are not people smiling to the camera anymore. Now days, wedding photography is to capture moments, when you didn’t even know the photographer was there – that are usually the best images, when you are the real you. These are my favourite images as they tell true feelings and they are the ones people connect to the most.

Remember, choosing the photos for your wedding album suppose to be fun, if you still find it difficult, I am more than happy to do it for you.