Secret Santa gifts idea by Donna from Oxheys Trading.

Hello, I am Donna, the owner of Oxheys Trading, an online gift shop based in Preston, Lancashire.
In my shop, I provide gifts for all occasions and specialise in personalised gifts.
As this is a family business, I am happy to speak to my customers on a one-to-one basis and help them arrange the perfect gift they require.

Donna from Oxheys Trading

In case you aren’t sure what Secret Santa is, everyone puts their name in a hat and you each draw one out. You then buy that person a gift but they don’t know who has bought it.

It helps if you do know a little about that person (do they have pets / hobbies / like a drink), but some gifts work well if you work in a place with a large number of stuff really don’t know that well, the person that you picked!

children's photos on display in the staircase

I know some people that get very stressed by it and so I thought I’d share some ideas.

children's photos on display in the staircase

Its also a fun thing to do with family – my boys asked if we could do it when they were smaller and we even included the dog! Of course, they weren’t actually old enough to go out and buy gifts on their own, so it was quite comical when my husband and I had to show our surprise at our gifts from the boys, having had to help them buy them!

As they got a bit older, the older one took the smaller 2 shopping and we received even stranger gifts, but what memories we made! It is always a laugh over Christmas Dinner now, when we think back about those gifts and the shopping trips to purchase them in “secret”!

children's photos on display in the staircase

For some people, money is a real issue at Christmas, particularly at the moment, so doing a Family Secret Santa, when each person only buys one gift, makes more sense.

So whether you need a secret santa gift for the workplace or for family, check out our range here:

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