Wedding Albums

Your wedding day, your beautiful day you want to remember for ever. We will create a wedding album that will make you feel as if you are on your wedding day, all over again

Wedding Album Classic Design

Classic Design is when the background is white or black, very clean, images are clear with symmetric lines.

Wedding Album Modern Design

Modern Design is when there is a bit more colour, pattern background, ornaments, but images are still clear and symmetric

Wedding Album Contemporary Design

Contemporary Design, is when images are used as background, images are blend together there is no definite lines to the images, asymmetric lines, transparency.

Photo Guest Book

This guest book has your images through the book, sometimes text as well, could be a pre wedding shots or images of the couple on holiday, on a date, a party, or when they where kids. Other thing that I offer is video slide show its where I take photos and videos, put them together to one video file with text effects and music, it can be form the photos from the wedding like this or it can be photos from their past together, and that could be shown in the party as part of the entertainment, this is a stop motion video that the friends did for the couple the surprise them at the wedding for everyone to see.

Prices my vary to number of pages, presentation box etc.

*Starting price to wedding album £119

*Starting price to guest book album £99