Summer is finally here! Soon, school will be over and the summer holiday will begin! 

Usually, when the children are off school we take a lot more pictures than when in school. And it doesn’t matter if you are on holiday, on a day out, or even on pyjama days. When the kids are around we take more photos. That’s a fact!

When getting ready for the summer holiday, in between booking clubs for the children, play dates, camp grandparents, or shopping for the holiday, get your phone ready for the summer holiday too!

Get your phone ready for summer? What does that mean??? 

Here are some tips on how to get your phone ready for the holidays. Whether you are at home or going away

Family on holiday at the beach taking a selfie with phone

Damage and loss

Summer months have the highest incidences of loss or damaged phones. Here are some tips on how to protect your phone:

  • Get a protective case for the chance that you take out the phone for a picture but it slips through your hands straight on the tip of a rock. Or for when you keep your phone in your pocket, forget about it, and then jump into the water.
  • You don’t want to leave your phone in the sun or in the car when it’s hot outside. Phones don’t like the heat!
  • In case you lose your phone, you can put contact details or a phone number on your home screen. That way the person who finds it can call this number and bring it back to you.

Don’t let your phone interfere with your holiday.

Too often we fall into the social media trap and scroll for hours. A holiday is about family time and being on the phone is not being present with your loved ones.

Set up a game or a challenge as a family, and decide on a time when no one is allowed to be on any device and times when devices are allowed. Having each other accountable and company will make the time without screens the best times of your holiday! (That’s after you pass the children’s grumpiness stage and they realise there is life without a device, I am sure you know what I mean) 

You can also: 

  • Turn off notifications
  • Limit time screen
  • Go even further and delete some of those pesky apps

Backup and make room for new photos

  • Start by making sure the photos you have on your phone at the moment are backed up. Set up a cloud app or download them to the computer. And then you can delete them from your phone to make room for all the new photos you are about to take.
  • Then, to make sure all the photos from your holiday won’t be lost (in case something happens to your phone) download a cloud app that will back up your photos automatically.
  • Set up a time, once a week, or as often as you like, to go over the photos and delete some photos that either didn’t turn out so good, or random photos you don’t need anymore.

Data plans and fees 

  • If you go on a holiday abroad, check your call rates, data plan and other fees with your phone provider.
  • Limit your internet use in public places to make sure you won’t come back from holiday with a huge bill to pay. 


Last but most important!

Don’t forget your charger!!!

And if you are going abroad make sure to take an adapter to fit the local socket

Enjoy your holiday and take a lot of pictures!