With cameras in our phones, taking pictures is so easy! We take pictures everyday, and pictures of everything. Then, we end up with thousands of photos of our phones. And when we are looking for that cute photo of our child, it takes a while until we find it, if we find it at all! 

Why? because all our children’s photos are scattered between pictures of the shopping list, the recipe you saw in the magazine, the tomato sauce you needed to remember to pick up and the neighbor’s back garden in the local WhatsApp group. 

The precious pictures of the children are all over the place. When you want to print some, or create a photobook, or just remember and enjoy, it’s just impossible to find them. 

Sounds familiar? then keep reading

The short answer to what is a subscription to a photobook: It’s a photobook and a photo organsing service.

open annual photobook showing a month may page with a picture of a boy and his activities

This is the long answer:

Who is it for?

Photobook subscription is for mums who have 1000s of photos on their phone. They want to do something with those photos but never find the time. And when they do, there are so many photos that they get overwhelmed and leave it. 

They would like to create a photobook or something similar to enjoy the photos like when they were little, but there are so many photos it became too big of a job.

Creating that photobook or just sorting them out is constantly on their mind, they know the photos need to be backed up and sorted but they don’t know where to start. It’s that thing on the to-do list that never gets ticked off. 

How does it work?

Photobook subscription is a yearly plan. At the end of the 12 months you get a photobook with the best memories from that year, and a clean and organised photo collection.

 First, we start by setting up a cloud backup for your photos (if you don’t already have one). We set it up in a way that we both have access to it. Personally I like to use Dropbox but you can use any cloud that you want. 

All the photos that you take will be uploaded to that cloud, this can be done manually by you, or automatically so that you won’t even have to think about it anymore. 

Now it’s my turn. First I sort out all the photos in folders by month. Then, in each month, I set up different folders to separate the photos. A folder for photos that didn’t turn out very well,  Either to dark, blurry, doubles or when the children took pictures of the tv. I create a different folder to  separate the screenshots and photos of random things like shopping lists etc. And I also separate the best pictures that I will use in the photobook. All the rest of the beautiful photos of your loved ones will be then left in the months folder without the distractions of random photos

 Then I create the pages for the photobook from those photos. That way I build the photobook month by month. At the end of the year I will print the photobook and post it to you. 

a photobook showing a page with birthday pictures of a one year old baby girl on a purple background with pink balloons

What do you get?

You get 3 things:

  1. Your photos are backed up and safe from getting lost on broken devices or lost on multiple devices and old devices.
  2. A clean photo collection that allows you to enjoy your family’s precious memories without random unneeded photos.
  3. An annual photobook with all the best memories you can easily enjoy with your loved ones, re-live all those memories together.

But that’s not all

There is one more thing that you get that is often overlooked, but is the most meaningful one –

you save time and get stress free experience

What does that mean?

You don’t have to worry about losing the photos or sorting them out. 

you don’t have to worry about creating a photobook you promised yourself you will do every year. 

you don’t need to spend hours finding photos or figure out how to create the photobook. 

You can keep taking pictures knowing they are safe and they will be treasures in the most beautiful way.

THat’s a big bonus if you ask me.

Who am I?

I am a mum of 3 myself and I love to take pictures. Since I remember at a very young age I loved looking at photo albums. And later on I had my own camera, I took pictures and sorted them out in albums. (remember those, before the digital cameras?)  

Ever since I had my first baby, I was swamped with pictures on different media such as CD’s and computers, until I found a system that was right for me to keep on top of my photo collection. Now they are all organised in one place and I create a photobook every year.

I am also a graphic designer with tools and experience to create photobooks exactly how I want them, I am not limited to the features in those apps or websites.

That is what I want for you to have too. A clean organised photo collection and a photobook. That is my subscription to a photobook service

an annual photobook showing a day out on the beach with 3 boys and a template of a film strip

Why should you trust me with your precious photos?

These are frequent worries people often ask me when the hear about the subscription to a photobook service:  

Deleting photos

First and most important things, I DON’T delete any photos. I separate them to a different folder so you can make the final decision which ones you are happy to delete. And then, you are the one who will actually delete them. 

Worst  case scenario and a photo was deleted by accident then if you chose to work with Dropbox all deleted photos goes to recycle bin and can be brought back. Also you still have them on your phone. And, if you took my advice in our initial set-up, you would have a second backup of all your photos. So there are a number of ways to retrieve deleted photos.

Private photos 

What if I took some private pictures I don’t want anymore to see?

You can always go and delete them or move them away from the shared folder where I have access to and put them in a private folder. 

You can also choose to upload the photos manually and not automatically. That way you have control on which photos go to the shared folder and you can choose which ones not to upload. 

But think of it as having a clear, you basically bring a stranger to your house, even if they are highly recommended by your friends, they are still strangers. You choose which rooms they get access to and which not. And over time you get to know them, get to know the quality of their work and make a decision to keep them or not. I only need access to your photos.

The ownership of your photos 

Your photos are yours, you are the owner of your photos. I will not, under no circumstances, use or share your photos in any way whatsoever. The photos belong to you and only you decide what to do with them. I am only here to help sort them out and treasure them. Nothing else.

a cat photobook showing a cat drinking water put of a cup

Final note

Although I do all the work, you have all the say. You will decide on how you want your photos to be sorted. You will decide on a backup and sharing system that would be the easiest for you. And you will tell me how you want your photobook to look like. I will be there to give you the options and guidance but it’s all down to your choices. 

I hope that answers all your questions, feel free to comment below or contact me with further questions.

If you’d like more information or to see some examples of photobooks, click here to read the subscription page