When you want to create your family yearly photobook, when do you think it’s the best time to do it? I didn’t always create it at the beginning of the year, even though it seems the obvious choice.

There is no right or wrong answer, of course, you can do it whenever you like! if you’ll keep on reading, you will see how I ended up creating it in January.

I always start my blogs with, ”before digital cameras…” and this one is no different.

Before digital cameras, I used to put the pictures in an album or make a scrapbook, only after a holiday, a day trip, or some kind of a party celebration. Because that was the only time when I used the camera. I had a film full of photos that needed to be developed (24 photos to be exact. We used to think that a film of 36 photos is too much! Today we take 24 photos of the same thing!)

But today with the digital camera and the sheer amount of photos, we can choose every date for our family yearly photobook.

Usually, yearly photobooks are around the children. That’s when the amount of pictures we take per day gets really high. So I started my yearly photobooks when my first baby was born in June. Every year after her birthday I would create a photobook with all the best photos from that year. (And sent two extra copies for the grandparents)

Then my second baby came along in April. I was thinking, each one needs to have their own photobook, so each one will have their best moments captured. So I did two yearly photobooks. One for my eldest in June and one for the youngest in April. To be honest, a lot of the pages were the same because they were both in most of the pictures. But I wanted each one to have her own photobook at her birthday with her own special moments.

Then it was grandma’s 70th birthday in November. I wanted to do something special for her birthday. I created a photobook with photos of all her grandchildren. It made me think, maybe I will make a yearly photobook for her too. She loves to see pictures of her grandchildren and not living close to them, she misses them a lot. A photobook every year would make her very happy and she will feel she is not missing out on them.

Then, I had my third baby. At that point, I gave up. It was a bit too much to do 3 or 4 photobooks every year. I decided I will do one family yearly photobook in January, Just because it’s the end of the year. And at the end of the year, you can look back and remember all the best moments of the year just gone. It made more sense to me.

You can choose the month that makes sense to you. For example, you can choose your birthday. And gift yourself every year a photobook with all the best moments of your year.

Or, you can choose your wedding anniversary and celebrate your year together, and all the love you created in that year.

Some of my clients choose September as the month for their family yearly photobook as it’s the academic year. The first few pages are of the kids going to nursery/school in their brand new uniform. When the kids are in school age, September feels like the start of a new year rather than January. 

As you can see, every month could be the month you create your family yearly photobook. I would love to know, which month did you choose for your yearly photobook?